Purple Passions: Lovehoney Pin Ups Bombshell Mint Orgasm Balm

Lovehoney Pin Ups Bombshell Mint Orgasm Balm Book Cover Lovehoney Pin Ups Bombshell Mint Orgasm Balm
Purple Passions
Orgasm Balm

The Bombshell Balm is an orgasm enhancer cream part of the Lovehoney Pin Ups collection. Each balm has a different scent and taste along with a different pin up woman on the front. One is cherry, another is chocolate and the other is mint.

The balm is designed to make the clitoris feel more sensitive by increasing blood flow. This is designed with increase pleasure and act as an orgasm enhancer by making it so you orgasm quicker. Rub a small amount onto your finger and place it over the clitoris. The balm feels tingling along with a cooling sensation. This sometimes switches between cooling and warming. How intense the sensations are depends on how much is used. Rubbing it over the clitoris, labia and surrounding area will make the whole are feel tingling and cooling, sometimes warming.

The balm can be used on nipples, don’t forget male nipples too. The sensations were similar though not as strong as when used on the clitoris. I found that I also needed to use more of the balm to feel the sensations. The sensations increase in intensity, where-ever the balm is used, when someone blows on the area.

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