Beck and Her Kinks: Fun Toys G Vibe Review

fun toys g vibe
Fun Toys G Vibe Review Book Cover Fun Toys G Vibe Review
Beck and Her Kinks
August 29, 2013

First, check out the guide sent along with the Fun Toys G Vibe – Click to view PDF. It shows a variety of ways to use the G Vibe by all anatomies and even as a couple. The G Vibe is a toy for experimentation. If you are looking for an ordinary toy – G Vibe isn’t it. G Vibe is uniquely its own because of the variety of ways you can use it. Each person, depending on their anatomy, will have a different experience with G Vibe.

First, inserting one finger and using the other for clitoral – I found that the finger inserted was too thin for my liking. I also found that the arm was just too flexible for me to push down and actually enjoy the clitoral stimulation.

Second, one in the pink and one in the stink  – I can’t do this because I’m spaced too close together for the toy itself. The fingers are very awkward to insert one at a time like that and by the time I almost get the second in…the first comes out.

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