Novelties Toy Meets Girl: Exotic-Erotics Hippocampus

Exotic-Erotics Hippocampus Review Book Cover Exotic-Erotics Hippocampus Review
Novelties Toy Meets Girl
October 23, 2013

When my Hippocampus arrived I was not disappointed. This thing is gorgeous. The artistry and workmanship are exceptional and the detail is amazing. It has scales and swirling ridges and a urethral opening. It’s beautiful in seafoam green with a gray base, which is the “natural markings” option but you can get it in just about any color combination you want. I chose the medium density silicone and I’m really glad I did. Let’s just say that even the small Hippocampus is just about more than I can handle… and they make medium and large too. So if size is your thing, Exotic-Erotics can definitely cater to you.

I had also gotten the Elephant Trunk in medium density silicone and that one kind of left me wishing I’d gotten the firm. But I think the medium density is perfect for the Hippocampus because of its size and textures. This silicone is delightfully squishy and soft. When I’m not masturbating with it, I’m constantly fondling and squeezing it. The finish on the silicone isn’t entirely matte but it’s not glossy either. It’s somewhere in between. There’s a fair amount of drag with this silicone so copious amounts of lube is suggested. I know I need to use a lot not only because of the drag but to help me accommodate the size.

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