Purple Passions: System JO Anti-bacterial Toy Cleaner

System JO Anti-bacterial Toy Cleaner Book Cover System JO Anti-bacterial Toy Cleaner
Purple Passions
Sex Toy Cleaner
July 15, 2013

If you want an extra peace of mind when cleaning sex toys than this System JO Anti-bacterial is a good sex toy cleaner. It is free from many irritants and is good value for the size of the bottle and how much is needed. The only downside is that after a certain amount is used then foaming action seems to stop working.

The toy cleaner is designed as a soap substitute and as it is.  After some time the foaming decreases and it becomes more runny. This is after about a third to half the bottle. It can be shaken up to increase bubbles but it’s not the same and it doesn’t solve the problem.

The pump bottle is easy to use and you only need one hand for the pump. When the pump is pressed a small amount of toy cleaner comes out. One pump does a whole toy.

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