Beck and Her Kinks: Bad Dragon Bruce Review

Bad Dragon Bruce Review Book Cover Bad Dragon Bruce Review
Beck and Her Kinks
November 1, 2013

When I first got pictures of my Bad Dragon Bruce, prior to shipping, I was excited. I had asked for Bruce to be a medium firmness and asked for surprise me colors, but asked that they be bright colors as opposed to natural or realistic colors. When it arrived, it was even more beautiful than the pictures. My Shark is truly unique and there will likely never be another like it. Bad Dragon gave me a light grey base with dark purple fins that surround it and the dildos are each their own colors. One dildo is a hot pink and bright orange marble and the other is green and blue marble. I could not be happier with the surprise me color option they picked for me!

The first time I used Bruce, I was nervous. I’ve hand a lot of trouble trying to insert some of their toys past the knots. However, when I squatted down over the first dildo, I was able to insert it much easier than I expected and slowly, but surely, the entire dildo was inside of me. I couldn’t believe it! The girth is very filling. If I am not moving or extremely well lubricated, it does hurt, but as long as I keep moving – it’s wonderful! The texture on the front and the back side of each dildo rubs the vagina walls and teases the G-spot like no other toy I’ve had before. I pulled the other dildo closer to me and used the texture to rub my clit as I bounced.

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