Heaven’s Playground: Key Pyxis by Jopen Review

Key Pyxis by Jopen Review Book Cover Key Pyxis by Jopen Review
Heaven's Playground
October 27, 2013

When I had seen this Key Pyxis I was all goo goo eyes over it. It was just so pretty and the colors that they had available were awesome. My happiness was let down when I went to use it though. This was my second toy from the Jopen line and I don’t know if I want to try anything else from them because they both let me down.

With it being small, discreet, and quiet I thought this would be perfect for camming. Well I was so let down by it and another toy I had tried from the Jopen line I never looked at any of the other cute ones they had come out in the Key line that are vibes. I said if I get anything else it would be something without power.

This toy is buzzy as hell hell and I wanted it to be rumbly but I was not getting that. I could not get off with it at all and had to resort to something else. I tried everything I possibly could to help. The waves on it were a pain in the arse as well. They were more in the way then anything and until I got them set right on my clit then it felt comfortable.

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