Beck and Her Kinks: Fashionistas Crop Review

Fashionistas Crop Review Book Cover Fashionistas Crop Review
Beck and Her Kinks
November 1, 2013

Since the Fashionistas Crop is sold under the promise it is a crop with an insertable handle – the first thing I did was tried to use the handle. The handle is no bigger than the side of a fat crayon or crayola marker. So, the girth is really boring. The end is round, so it does in easily. I can feel the paint and my body doesn’t like this texture. You know the soft feeling or porcelain? The paint has that same feeling on the handle. I don’t like this feeling. It’s always made me quiver. Needless to say, the handle as a dildo is very boring just as I thought it would be. It needed nubs or a curve, something to actually make it a dildo because as it stands – I would never call it a dildo.

The crop end is fantastic! This is my first crop. I’ve owned many floggers and paddles, but never a crop. I love this crop. I easily turn red even from 5 hits. I’ve even had welts from this crop. Sadly, I couldn’t capture those with my camera, but I did get some nice red marks on camera. I love the feeling from this crop. It can easily be a light sting or a hard thud depending how it’s handled.

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