Purple Passions: Sportsheets Feather Crop Top

Sportsheets Feather Crop Top Book Cover Sportsheets Feather Crop Top
Purple Passions
July 14, 2013

This is a feather top that is designed for both the mini interchangeable crop system and the interchangeable crop top system by Sportsheets. This will only work with those products as it is only the top, there is no crop included.

What attracted me to these is the versatility and ingenuousness of such a product, it really is several products in one. There are different crop tops to collect, all with a different design and/or function. I really like that you can change the tops during use and the person you are using it on won’t know whether a crop or feather is coming next.

When I opened the packaging two feathers had dropped off. I thought that top would be likely to drop feathers but since the first two no more have fallen out.

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