Beck and Her Kinks: Damn Average Cucumber

Damn Average Cucumber Book Cover Damn Average Cucumber
Beck and Her Kinks
October 31, 2013

I had been eying the Damn Average cucumber since I saw it on twitter. I’ve always heard about people using them as dildos, but I’ve honestly never tried, though, I have put a lot of questionable items in my vagina. Anyhow, every time I’m in the produce section and I am picking out anything phallic shaped, we always have jokes. The cucumber dildo is the body safe answer to sticking odd things in my body, so I was delighted when Sheep offered it to me for review.

The cucumber goes in easily for me, but I could see some having a difficult time with insertion because while it’s more slender than the rest of the shaft, the top is not tapered. The “steam” doesn’t feel pokey or uncomfortable once inserted. It feels exactly like the nubs along the side of the cucumber.

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