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I am so sorry that I have been MIA.  I now have a chain of posts that I need to get written and scheduled out as well as a few of my own reviews that need to be completed.  I will give you a quick update of what has happened recently.  I lost my job which cause a financial strain on myself and then Christmas came which caused my month of December to put a focus on my Family Friendly blog, Parsimonious Pash because I had a Holiday Gift Guide running for the month which took up way more time than I had anticipated.

Upon the completion of that things turned sour at home.  It was then that my focus turned away from all of my blogs because I needed to make plans.  I needed to get out of that situation and here I am sitting in my new house with a wonderful roommate, my two kitties and contemplating the day.  Trying to stay strong while also trying to stay busy as today is my Ex-Boyfriends birthday and it has only been days since I ended things with him and I am finding it difficult to move forward.

None the less, I am back and I will be working hard on this wonderful site that I really have fallen in love with.  And on a final note do you love my new haircut?

me GR

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  1. Commenting for the giveaway – I could not find a blog-hop post on your site to comment under. Thanks!! Hopefully things are working out for you now!

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