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Tantus Severin Large Silicone Plug Review Book Cover Tantus Severin Large Silicone Plug Review

If you are an advanced in anal play this is a pretty great training plug.  It has its small flaws in it, as many toys do have.  I always try to remember that toys are different depending on the person as well.  Read my full review below to get an idea of the pros and cons of the Tantus Severin Large plug.

I am a huge fan of anal toys and I have a few of them.  I also have been known to use random objects which is not a recommendation from me as I know you should always use a toy with a flared base and a toy will not create suction when inserted, for instance a bottle.  All of the anal toys that I have at home are on the smaller side and I was really looking to beef it up a little bit this time.  That is why I chose to go with the Tantus Severin Large Silicone Plug.


Anal plugs are used for what it sounds like.  They are a plug that you put in the anus for pleasure in play and during sex.  The use and length of use really varies depending on the person, situation, and type of anal plug being used.


Tantus Silicone Large Plug

I love getting packages in the mail and the box that this came in was small enough that there was almost no extra space in the box.  I knew what it was when it was dropped off which meant that the box went directly to my bedroom since yet again the two teenagers were over at the house.

This plug came packaged in simple plastic that snapped open and could be snapped shut again if you want to reuse the packaging for storage.  I love when packaging is as simple as this.  I personally did not keep the packaging since I have a spot for all of my toys and I like keeping them organized.  It would have been convenient for storage though in that packaging it does take up quite a bit more space than is necessary.


The Tantus Severin is made out of silicone.  Because it is made of silicone is does have drag and will need lubrication.  Generally with anal play you want to use lubrication anyway.  You will NOT want to use a silicone based lubricant because it will cause the silicone to break down and destroy the integrity of the toy.  I suggest a water based lubricant.


Tantus SeverinThis plug is one that is made for more advanced users.  If you are new to anal play I would not suggest using a plug this large ass it will be hard to train and insert into your anus.  I however have been training my ass for quite a while and was ready to move up to a larger size.

The Severin is designed with a small nose and two more ridges to work up to the full size of the plug.  It also has a flared bottom for safety.  When inserting toys into the anus you want to always make sure that it has a flared bottom so that it does not accidentally slip completely into the anus. This specific anal plug has a Diameter: 2.35″ and a Length: 5.65″.

-Personal Experience-

I think I have already made it pretty clear how much I enjoy anal play.  I had not done much recent anal play so when I got this in the mail I pulled out my old anal training set and began warming up with my two smaller plugs.  I knew if I did not do it this way there was no way I was going to be able to fit this monster into my ass.

The length of this plug is shorter than other things I have in my ass so I knew that part was not going to be an issue.  Once I was all warmed up I lubed up the plug and eased the flared tip in and then the first ridge.  That part was easy, but working the second ridge into my ass was a bit harder.  I did manage to ease it in after a few moments.  It was a serious “ahhh” moment when it just popped in.  I loved the feel of it though the flared base did not nestle as nice between my ass cheeks as nicely as other toys have.

The fit of the base is going to vary on the person because everyone is shaped differently.  I was able to wear it and keep in pretty easily though it would not work very well as a plug for me to walk around the house in which means I will need to find another larger one specifically for that purpose.

-Thanks and Purchase Information-

I want to thank Tantus for allowing me to review the Tantus Severin.  I really love the toy and will continue to praise it when people ask me about wanting a more advanced training plug.

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