Naughty Corner: Cheeky Wash and Wipes Review

Cheeky Wash and Wipes Review Book Cover Cheeky Wash and Wipes Review
Naughty Corner
December 2, 2013

Cheeky Wash is a non-fragrance and anti-bacterial body wash with a difference! No need for water, simply place on your skin, rub into your intended area and then dab with a towel. It is a product that is made for ‘on the go’ and is in a 65ml bottle, which is small enough to fit in your hand bag or coat pocket.

This portable wash, also comes with 4 tablet looking clothes. These clothes are the size of a 1 pence and a bit thicker. They stay minuet until you add the Cheeky wash and then they expand to a clothe that is the size of a face wash……brilliant or what!

The wash has been used by medical professionals and the NHS for years but has been tweaked to be Paraben free with a friendly pH-balance, meaning that you can use the Cheeky Wash on your most intimate parts. This product is also alcohol free, pretty much making it a hypoallergenic product for me.

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