Nichole Makes A Come Back- Adam & Eve Toy Review Coming Soon! #adamandeve

Hey Everyone

Who out there remembers the good old days when I, Nichole used to churn out those Adult reviews? Anyone missed me? I Hope at least someone did!  I was working on another review- you know the regular kind that I do over on and lo and behold the same PR agency represented Adam & Eve and asked me if I would be interested in working with them and well.. of course I was! I was like OMG I USED TO HAVE A WHOLE BLOG FOR ADULT STUFF! Anyways, I didn’t want to mix it in over there though because you know how folks get about the whole “Family Friendly” thing so I was lucky enough that Ashley has always said if the opp came along she would let me post here!

So I will be reviewing some very pink and very awesome toys here in the next few weeks! I wanted to do a little pre post and just say Hi and let you all know and everything!


I can’t wait to bring you the reviews for the Eve’s First Thruster, Eve’s Spinner, Eve’s Perfect Rotating rabbit and the Diva G by Adam & Eve! Keep an Eye out for it, and who knows I might get back into adult reviewing at some point. I am excited about this one because I haven’t had any new toys in FOREVER, I always wanted to work with Adam and Eve and this will def. mix things up for me writing wise!

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