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Think of this site as a platform! This site was originally found by 2 southern gals from which I purchased this wonderful site from.  I am now the sole owner who will work hard to get the word out there about your reviews, getting you more exposure to your site, your reviews and yes You!

Why Choose Grits?

I care about you first and foremost. I am here because I want to help you get all the exposure you, your site and your reviews deserve! I will quickly get your links, reviews and other information up! I am generally quick to respond to your questions comments & concerns. Again I am here for YOU and want to help!

What I Will Accept:

I accept previously published reviews & brand new reviews.  As long as they are YOUR reviews of course!
I am accepting ALL types of reviews, which includes Adult Reviews.
Reviews DO NOT have to be sponsored by a company. Feel free to write reviews on ANYTHING  that you have purchased that you might feel the need to write one on!

Format Options

You have a choice if you want your entire review posted here (with a link back to your site at the top/bottom) or if you want a blurb posted w/picture, which we can then put a link up back to that review on your site for people to read the rest there!

Bonus Features:

++We will also be glad to exchange links with you, add your link to our sidebar, and even give you your own profile/author blurb page if you post with us.
++Links to your site via your article as well as the blogroll
++Feedback don’t you just love when someone comments on your reviews? :)
++Quick responses

Social Exposure:

Twitter (3 accounts.)
Facebook (2 possibly 3 accounts)
(I know that I personally will tweet all reviews when they are first posted and many times throughout that day/week that it is originally posted.)

Contact us

Twitter @gritsreviews
Email  gritsreviews@gmail.com