Originally Posted At: Beanfiddler.com Author: Beanfiddlers Sliquid Sea Lubricant is a water-based lubricant that contains several ingredients meant to provide benefits in addition to the typical perks of lube. We’ll discuss those ingredients in a bit. First let’s talk a look at water-based lubes in general. Water-based lubricants have several advantages over other types of […]

A few weeks back on twitter, I had a company start following me on the Grits-Reviews account: Igino. Since I didn’t recognize the name, I decided to check their website out! They are currently getting ready to release their toy, The Igino one. As far as looks, and putting it with something that everyone would […]

Here I am again to talk about ONE MORE of the awesome sites that I discovered while I was working on trying to acquaint myself with the toys and things that I have been out of the loop on for so long!  That way maybe when  you all are submitting reviews and/or I have the […]

Title: Festish Fantasy's Shock Therapy Kit Review Author: Being Blacksilk   ♦ The Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit is an electric stimulation (or e-stim) kit intended for beginners, which is sold by UberKinky. This device sends small shocks through your body to ease muscle pain and, for some people, provide sexual pleasure. I’d never tried one […]

Continuing on my quest to learn about some toys and sites that I didn’t know about, I decided to keep going on the guy toy market trail …Seriously, when it comes to guy toys i’m at a loss. David really isn’t into toys, and I don’t think I would ever be able to convince him […]

Originally Posted At: True Pleasures Reviews Author: True Pleasures Not long ago, Tantus introduced a line of four silicone paddles. They were designed for the advanced enthusiasts, and are made from Tantus’ 100% Ultra-Premium silicone. Why the advanced enthusiasts? The paddles may not seem that intimidating at first glance, but they can pack a mean […]

Recently I have been traipsing over the internet a little more than usual, looking around more at the Adult sites out there because I am trying to get back in the know on what’s cool, popular and available. Seriously, I used to consider myself to be quite knowledgeable on the best toys and goodies. Now […]