Title: Carrie’s Story by Molly Weatherfield Review Author: Purple Passions Genre: Book Publisher: Cleis Press Release Date: August 1, 2013 Format: paperback Pages: 216 Brilliant, bold and exquisitely kinky, Carrie’s Story is an American “Story of O” that goes to the head of the class. Told in the whip-smart voice of a wickedly perceptive English […]

Title: Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal Review Author: Kinky Testers- Chris Kinnk Genre: Male Masturbators Release Date: October 22, 2013 Flashlight are to male sex toys what Gillette are to male grooming products. They are synonymous and the standard all other brands try to compete with. The entire Fleshlight range is made up of variations of […]

Title: Grim Reaper from Divine Interventions Review Author: Property of Potter Genre: Dildo Release Date: October 13, 2013 Every dildo available from Divine Interventions appeals to me for one reason or another. Their products are so unique and interesting that I would love to get my hands on each of them! The Grim Reaper seemed […]

Title: Bad Dragon Unflared Chance Dildo with Cumtube Review Author: Beck and Her Kinks Genre: Dildo Release Date: September 4, 2013 I love each one of my Bad Dragon toys. One of my lust has always been the cumtube. I rarely use lube, but I still wanted one. When this Chance was ordered, the smallest […]