Grits-Reviews is  a review site owned by Ashley/Pash and all content contained on this domain has been written by me and/or credit has been given back to the original author within the post in form of author & link back to original review.

You should know that I sometimes accept payment in exchange for sponsored posts I also receive various products and online services to review, but I am not compensated for these reviews, except with the products and services themselves.  Also, unless I specifically say so, I do not endorse any products or services that I link to.

I do accept paid advertising on the sidebar in the form of banner & text links, however, these sites are only added if they are a site that agree is fitting within the message of grits-reviews.com

Although I do receive payment in exchange for sponsored posts I do my best to be honest and unbiased with my opinions, and I carefully screen third party links before placing them on Grits-Reviews.

This disclosure policy has been in effect since September 25, 2013.

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