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PashPash is a twenty-something switch whose favorite fetishes include: bondage, role-play, forced submission, and pet-play. She can often be found in corsets and leather.

Things began young for her, at the young age of 12 she started reading smut and watching hentai. She learned early on what her interests were and at 14 she came out as bi-sexual though she didn’t have her first girlfriend until the age of 15.

Pash loves who she is embraces the fact that she is a fetishist, she dabbled romantically with both genders, and her heart yearns for a poly-family. She is ever learning and loves the excitement of a new adventure.

What is her vanilla life like? She spends her time playing video games, taking a million pictures, and spends time with her significant other and her many pets. She dreams of moving north to live in the silence and solitude of the woods.