Originally Posted at: ToyFemme.com Author: A I never thought I’d want to try the Lelo Luna Beads Mini. I mean, I’m still in my very early 20s, don’t have kids, and don’t have urinary incontinence. Why try the Luna Beads? Well, for one, I wanted to see if it was pleasurable to wear throughout the […]

Originally Posted at:Toyfemme.com Author: A Hello again! Time for another review, and today’s pick is the Je Joue Mimi — a small but powerful vibrator that’s been a staple in my toybox. I use MiMi for clitoral stimulation, but the toy’s shape makes it so versatile to play with. For the dudes, this silky silicone […]

Originally Posted at: Toyfemme.com Author: A Ah, the Iris. You know the feeling you get thinking about your childhood? Most of us get a little nostalgic. Unless you’re me, however, and your favorite activity was sitting in dirt and pretending to be a human bus transporting the local fire ants around the yard. They never […]

Originally Posted At: toyfemme.com Author: A I decided to buy the Liberator BonBon when it went on sale for a great price. I loved the idea of having an easier way to use dildos and vibrators I own that don’t have a suction cup. Personally, hands free play is always what I like to achieve. […]

Originally Posted at: toyfemme.com Author: A Oh yes. Yes, it’s here. Let’s take a moment of silence to recognize the beauty that is the Vixen Creations Mustang dildo… In fucking tie dye color. Do you understand what a joy this was for me when I finally owned this? A JOY! This thing is my favorite […]

Originally Posted At: toyfemme.com Author: A The Tantus ‘Mark’ dildo was my first experience in the world of the “o2” or “dual-density” dildo lines. For those who don’t know, a lot of companies sell dual density dildos which have the benefit of feeling a bit more lifelike than a simple dildo. Dual density toys are […]

Originally Posted At: toyfemme.com Author: A We meet again, you bunch of hooligans. Every time I see the Sliquid Sassy bottle, I get a tinge of joy from how freaking adorable it looks. I don’t care that I sound ridiculous and overly girly saying that either. It brings out a side of me that has […]