Originally Posted at: The sensual Scholar Author: Bashful Babe I’m a klutz.  I’ve always fancied body piercing, but given my skill at breaking myself without any sharp implements in range, I’d wind up being that person who gets a piercing ripped out.  So, my lust for standard body jewelry denied, I was intrigued when I spotted a picture […]

Originally Posted at The sensual Scholar Author: Bashful Babe I usually say that I hate flavoured lubes because usually flavoured lubes are rank fake berry cloying sugary liquid death. The only time my partner and myself have struck upon one that appealed to us both was the – sadly discontinued – cake flavoured versions, as […]

Originally Posted at : The Sensual Scholar Author: Bashful Babe Following on from my review of the newbie-friendly collection of short stories, Black Lace Quickies 6, I thought I’d explore a collection that I personally found more appealing: Yes, Ma’am – Erotic Tales of Male Submission.  I do enjoy short stories, not least because, once something whets […]

Originally Posted at:  The Sensual Scholar Author: Bashful Babe Ever had that moment where you want a pattern to speed up or slow down, get harder or be a little more gentle, so you cycle it through a bit and find that nope! next setting is too little/much?  And, frustrated, you dither between the two […]