Originally Posted At: Beanfiddler.com Author: Beanfiddler Trojan is a company best known for their condoms but over the past few years Trojan has branched out into manufacturing sex toys as well. I recently had the opportunity to try out one of these sex toys, the Trojan Midnight Collection Multi-Position Vibrator from Babeland. The Trojan Midnight […]

Originally Posted At: beanfiddler.com Author: beanfidlder Last week I fell in love with the Tantus Cush Dildo. This week I’m reviewing another Tantus product, the Tantus Delta from FunWares. The Tantus Delta is a vibrating dildo with an unusual shape. It has an insertable portion and an external portion, like a rabbit vibrator. It’s a […]

Originally Posted At: Beanfidlder.com Author: Beanfiddler For a while now I’ve been hearing all about dual density silicone and I have been very curious. So when the opportunity to review the Tantus Cush from Babeland came up, I jumped at it. Amongst my dildos, the Tantus Cush is fast becoming a favorite. It is one […]

Originally Posted At: Beanfiddler.com Author: beanfiddler Vanity by Jopen is a relatively new line of luxury sex toys. They were released last year, but this is the first time I have had the chance to review one. I really like rabbit vibrators so I chose the Vanity Vr10 from FunWares. The Vanity line is made […]

Originally Posted At: Beanfiddler.com Author: Beanfiddler Have you heard of the Tenga Egg at Babeland? It is a nifty little masturbation sleeve for men. However, it makes a pretty cool textured cover for my Hitachi Magic Wand too. Why should the boys have all the fun? As I stated above, Tenga Eggs are meant to […]

Originally Posted at: Beanfiddler.com Author: beanfiddler The Twister is a hand blown glass massager that is designed in Europe and handmade in China, though Joyful Pleasure is based in California. It is made of clear glass with an opaque raised black swirl on the shaft and raised black bumps on the base. It also has […]

Originally Posted at: Beanfiddler.com Author: Beanfiddler   Je Joue, the manufacturer of my lovely Ami, recently came out with a new vibrator, the Uma. Being a fan of Je Joue, I decided to review this little beauty. Unlike the Ami, which is a set of kegelcisors, the Je Joue Uma is a g-spot and clit […]

  Originally Posted at: Beanfiddler.com Author: Beenfiddler If you know about LELO pleasure objects, you might be aware of the TOR, one of their vibrating cock rings. What you may or may not know is LELO has recently released a new updated version of the TOR, the TOR II. As is typical with LELO, the […]