Originally Posted At: Being Blacksilk Author: Blacksilk ♦ The Glass Love Pacifier, sold by SexShop365, is a clear glass dildo made by Phallix, a company that specialises in glass toys. It’s actually only my third glass toy (if you don’t count the rubbish Icicles No.4, which I really feel I shouldn’t), so it’s something I […]

Originally Posted At: Being Blacksilk Author: Blacksilk ♦ The Purr by Tantus is a non-phallic, premium silicone dildo sold by SexToysUK that comes packaged with a watch battery bullet that I will ignore at all times. Let’s face it, this is not a vibrator. This is a dildo that comes with a bullet that is of […]

Originally Posted At: Being Blacksilk Author: Blacksilk The Sqweel 2, made by Lovehoney themselves, is touted as the “world’s best-selling oral sex toy”. Of course, apart from its predecessor, the Sqweel, I can’t think of another “oral sex toy”, but that’s probably besides the point. What the point is, is that this isn’t quite your average […]

Originally Posted At:Being Blacksilk Author: Blacksilk The VIP Super Soft is a somewhat unusual dildo made by Tantus, one of my favourite manufacturers. It comes in the usual Tantus packaging, which you can read about in any of my other reviews for Tantus products. It’s a fairly big dildo with balls, six inches long by 1.5 diameter, […]

Originally Posted At being blacksilk Author: blacksilk The Max O2 by Tantus is a large realistic dildo made by one of my favourite toy manufacturers. It’s a dildo with balls that features dual densities of silicone and a large base suitable for a harness. It’s currently the largest dildo I own and the first dildo I’ve […]

Originally Posted At: Being Blacksilk Author: Blacksilk The Latigo Leather is made by Sportsheets, specifically their sub-brand of Sedeux, which is focused on strap-on sex. It comes in an interesting but unsubtle card box, featuring a lingerie-clad blonde lady on two sides. The back has some product information and a surprisingly helpful few pictures with […]

Originally Posted at: Being Blacksilk Author: Blacksilk BS Is Nice are a small Spanish company specialising in handmade silicone dildos and other sex toys that look absolutely fantastic. I’ll be honest in saying that I hadn’t actually heard of them until Vibrator Kingdom offered me their Basic 2 for review, but I loved the look […]

Originally Posted At: Being Blacksilk Author: Blacksilk The Fun Factory Bootie is a highly acclaimed butt plug that has been on the market for a few years now. It’s got a fair few reviews around out there, but Lovehoney were kind enough to ask my opinion too. It comes in a small cardboard packet with […]