I always love the design of Tenga products, their sleek, minimal aesthetics that to the untrained eye give no indication of their true function. This very much holds true for this TENGA 3D Polygon male masturbator, modelled as piece of abstract geometric modern art sculpture, mounted in it’s own display case. It could easily be […]

Flashlight are to male sex toys what Gillette are to male grooming products. They are synonymous and the standard all other brands try to compete with. The entire Fleshlight range is made up of variations of a tried, tested and very successful formula. A male stroking tube, with unique soft flesh like SuperSkin central tube […]

Originally Posted At: kinkytesters.com Author: chris kinnk Everyone likes nipples. Tweak them, lick them, twist them, pinch them, suck them, play with them however you will; nipples are a great source of pain and pleasure. But when it comes to intensity, nipples clamps rule the roost. Which brings us to these Spartacus Butterfly Nipple Clamps, […]

Originally Posted at: KinkyTesters.com Author: Chris Kinnk Electro-stimulation is something we at Kinky Testers have not played with extensively. Ms Kinnk does however own a TENS machine, but this is not something we have incorporated into our bedroom play. Rather it was used mostly for relieving the pain of labour and bad backs. So, when […]

Originally Posted At: Kinky Testers Author: Chris Kinnk It came the other day. And 24 hours later, so did we. I’ll start again. Mr Kinnk was out at work, doing important but boring stuff in an office somewhere. I was working at home and a ‘knock-knock’ came from the door. After I opened the door, […]