Originally Posted at:: Absolute Debauchery Author: Delilah When EdenFantasys so graciously sent me Honey Lube to review, I was super fucking excited. I’m pretty sure at least one or two of you out there know that I’ve got a thing for honey and bees and pretty much anything related so this just tickled me pink […]

Originally Posted At: absolute debauchery Author: Delilah But that’s really not a bad thing. I like billy-clubs; they’re kinda kinky and ( at least in this case ) can be used as a sextoy. Sweet! Anyway, when I got the Anaconda the packaging was… well, gloriously see-through and very blunt. There’s no way you’re going […]

Originally Posted: Absolute Debauchery Author: Delilah I’ve got a thing for speculums. I’ve got a thing for being pried open. So when I saw that I could request a speculum to review? Hell yeah! I was all up on that sexytrain, and Babeland let me on it. When it arrived, it was in a plain plastic bag. I […]

Originally Posted at :  Absolute debauchery Author: Delilah Dear, sweet wonderful Babeland. I love you right now. You let me sink my hooks into this catch and when I reeled it in, I was floundering for words about how Cod-damn amazing the Wahl is. I’ve gotta say, this massager tickles my gills with how many […]

Originally Posted At: Absolute Debauchery Author:Delilah Before I get into the details of how this can be used, I’ll describe it a little. It’s got a bunch of bright red and iridescent green feathers attached with a rubber cap at the end of them, where a strap comes out so you can hang it from […]

Originally Posted at: absolute debauchery Author: Delilah I’m going to start this out by saying that I like this concept. I really do. It’s a good idea, especially for people who might not actually like getting their hands dirty – not to mention that it gives extra length to your fingers. Also, the material. The […]

Originally Posted At Absolute Debauchery Author: Delilah You’re wonderful. If it wasn’t for a couple flaws in your design I’d give you a 5 out of 5, no problem. Maybe if you come back with newer and improved features, you’ll achieve that. I have high hopes for you, Le Curve. When I saw this, I […]