Originally Posted At: Geek In Me Reviews Author: Jen Overall I enjoyed the Anaconda, though I think it may be a little too girthy for my normal taste. The only real complaint I have with it is that, because the shaft is more of a matte finish, there is a lot of extra drag on […]

originally Posted at: Geek In Me Reviews Author: Jen Use The Alligator Clamps are a good choice for adding a little nipple torture play to your sexual encounters. Don’t let the word “torture” put you off though, these clamps are completely adjustable allowing you to choose your level of pressure. These clamps are not gender […]

  Originally Posted at: Geek In Me Reviews Author: Jen The Dream Massager G is not a bad item. It features some relatively strong vibrations and is waterproof, but the fact that the vibrations do not carry to the tip of the toy as well as I would like make it hard for me to […]