Originally Posted At: The Swingers Attic Author: miranda The Oden and the remote, it is almost like telling you about two toys, but it is one.   First I will explain the remote: It uses SenseMotion™ technology which allows you to change vibrations with a tilt of your hand. It reminds me a lot of […]

Originally Posted at: swingers attic in july 2011 Author : Miranda It may look just almost real, but it feels totally real. This is the First Mate Silicone Dildo from Good Vibrations. I requested it from them to review because I am always looking for sex toys that are good for sharing. I despise using […]

Originally Posted At: The Swingers Attic in May 2011 Author: Miranda I recently had the chance to review the Berman Venus G spot Vibrator for Babeland, and have decided to share it with you here on the Swingers Attic. Usually I don’t mention sex toys here on the Swingers Attic unless I found something about the […]

Originally Posted at: The Swingers Attic In May 2011 Author: Miranda I think I have mentioned before that I am an anal girl. So, when browsing EdenFantasys sex toys for something to review and I saw the Anal-flex probe, I just had to have it. Anal vibrators are always fun, but the Anal-flex probe just looked to good […]

Originally Posted At: Swingers Attic In April 2011 Author: Miranda This is more of a shout out for a certain style of butt plug than anything else. They are called Pop-Plugs. They are great and I adore them. Plus, they remind me of Ring-Pops! The picture above is just for fun of course. That is NOT […]

Originally Posted at: Swingers Attic in March 2011 Author: Miranda As a swinger I get to experience life a little bit differently than the average girl. The world is full of sexual opportunity and possible excitement so I try to always be ready. I’m not talking about condoms and breath mints here. Those are of […]

Originally Posted at: The Swingers Attic Author: Miranda So I just finished reading The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women By Tristan Taormino (2nd Edition) and I must first and for most give a standing ovation to the auther for truly covering all the anal sex bases and making the book an absolute pleasure to read […]

Originally Posted at: Swingers Attic On Feb 20 2011 Author: Miranda I received this cute little vibrator from Good Vibrations. My first thought was that it was pretty and the texture was very nice. The silky smooth “Velvet-Cote ™”  material seriously is wonderful to touch. This little G spot vibe was however a tad smaller […]