Originally Posted At: A Bedroom blog in August 2011 Author: bedroom blogger The Pretty-in-Pastel vibes are a new-ish release from Cal Exotics.  According to something I read in some random press release, they are geared toward “the more demure and feminine” ladies out there. Well fuck. Anyway…this vibrator is made of PU coated ABS plastic […]

Originally Posted at: A Bedroom Blog in August 2011 Author: The Bedroom Blogger I’m not big on “sexy” games.  Most lack creativity and are kind of cheesy.  You know…you walk into Spencer’s and see shelves full of that shit.  Dirty dice and naughty board games…no thanks. The aptly named Sex Questions isn’t really a game…it […]

Originally Posted At A Bedroom blog in july 2011 Author: Bedroom blogger Hey, remember when I took my Liberator Escape with me to Bonnaroo and found out that it was totally awesome for things like not-sex and sleeping? Yeah, well…it’s pretty friggin’ awesome to fuck on, too. It’s a big ol’ pad made of Liberator‘s […]

Originally Posted At: A Bedroom Blog Author: Bedroom Blogger First of all, I don’t like the term “dong.”  Not even a little. Now that that’s out of the way…let me tell you all about this lovely glass dildo that the folks at Vibrator.com sent me. It is a little over seven inches long and it […]

Originally Posted at: A Bedroom Blog in May 2011 Author: Bedroom Blogger “The Official Guide to the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation” Yep.  That’s Gush.  From Good Releasing’s Pleasure-Ed series. I actually really enjoyed it.  I wasn’t sure that I would. Basically, there are segments of sexy-ness interspersed between segments of a radio show featuring the […]

Originally Posted At: Bedroom Blog in May 2011 Author: Bedroom Blogger It is gorgeous, and it wants to be inside you. I reviewed the Tantus Vamp earlier this year.  It is a pretty rad, anal safe, harness compatible dildo.  The Dark Vamp is made of Tantus’ 100% platinum silicone.  Unlike the original Vamp, the Dark Vamp […]

Originally Posted At: A bedroom blog in may 2011 Author: the bedroom blogger And the battle rages on…the folks at Babeland are helping me round out this competition with the Tenga Flip Air Lite. The Flip Air Lite is the babiest of bunch.  It is about an inch shorter (at six inches) and the lightest […]