Originally Posted at: A Bedroom Blog on May 2011 Author: The Bedroom Blogger From the Flip Air product page… Tenga Flip-Air is the sequel to the breakthrough Tenga Flip Hole. Featuring air-locking technology that allows for a customizable experience that creates a different suctioning effect each time it is used. The Flip Air is about […]

Originally Posted at: A bedroom blog in may 2011 Author: The bedroom Blogger So…Liberator?  The products that they carry actually got me interested in blogging about sex toys in the first place. And so it begins…the battle of the Tenga toys. This was the second toy I picked up for the boyfriend to try out.  […]

Originally Posted At: A Bedroom Blog in May 2011 Author: Bedroom Blogger This girl likes having her nipples played with.  And sparkly things.  Therefore, these Lavish Nipple Clamps by Spartacus seemed like a grand idea. And they are.  Granted, they don’t get a lot of use…but that’s probably more due to the fact that the boyfriend […]

Originally Posted at: A Bedroom Blog on May 02 2011 Author: The Bedroom Blogger Sometimes, my clit is a big fan of tactile sensation.  Actually applying pressure, and rubbing in small circles or back and forth.  It’s those times that I am especially thrilled that Tantus sent me the Little Secret Touch to review. You see, on […]

Originally Posted at: bedroom blog in april 2011 Author: Bedroom Blogger Before I get into this review, let me let you in on a little (not-so) secret… Jopen = Cal Exotics I don’t know why they did it.  It’s confusing and kinda shady. I mean, I can guess why they did it.  They made a line […]

Originally Posted at: A Bedroom Blog in April 2011 Author: Bedroom Blogger Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! That’s singing. Or an uber-contented sigh. Why? Awful packaging.  Unattractive electric toothbrush-esque design.  Doesn’t.  Fucking.  Matter. This thing is the single greatest clitoral stimulator I have tried.  Seriously. Here’s the thing…my clit’s not picky.  I can get off with some not awesome toys.  […]

Originally Posted At: A Bedroom Blog in April 2011 Author: Bedroom Blogger A pretty little blue bottle of BabeLube Natural came in my most recent box of goodies from Babeland.  Hooray lube! BabeLube is a certified organic water-based lube made for Babeland by Sliquid.  Hooray Sliquid!  Have I made it clear that I am a big fan? […]

Originally Posted At: Bedroom Blog On April 2011 Author: Bedroom Blogger You know what I hate about lube?  Reviewing it. Oh, and the goopy gloppy-ness of it.  The gross, filmy, sometimes sticky feeling that’s left after playtime is over. I’m a big fan of a lubricant that doesn’t leave me feeling like I need a […]