Originally Posted a t: True Pleasures Reviews Author: True Pleasures If you prefer girthy, nonrepresentational dildos with lots of texture, Splash just may be the ticket. The larger cousin of Splish, Splash is one of the first dual-color toys produced by Tantus, and is available in a mix of Pearl White and Purple Haze pearlescent […]

Originally Posted: True Pleasures Reviews Author: True Pleasure If you love texture and girth, Bad Dragon’s latest dildo might just be what you’ve been searching for. Clayton, the Earth Dragon dildo is chock full of wonderful textures on a thick, slightly tapering shaft. And to make things even better, this toy debuted with a brilliant […]

Originally Posted at: True Pleasures in June 2011 Author: True Pleasures When asked by PAPAYA Toys if I’d like to review one of their vibrators, I just couldn’t resist the lure of the Candy Stick Vibe. It reminds me so much of the Unicorn Pops from my childhood. I’d always have to get one after […]

Originally Posted At: True pleasures in June 2011 Author: True Pleasures In case you’re wondering why I’m looking at a “Global Combat” book, it’s because there’s a picture of my favorite professor in there. *dreamy sigh* Seducing Professor T. If he’d just pin me to the wall, my hands above my head unable to break […]

Originally Posted At:  True Pleasures in June 2011 Author: True pleasures Well, I couldn’t resist. When Bad Dragon had an adoption sale again, I bought myself a few new toys. Among those was a garnet red Anthro Dragon Dildo in small, medium firmness, with just a slight nick on the testicles. (BD adoptions are just […]

Originally Posted At: True Pleasures June 2011 Author: True Pleasures Sounds like a good idea right? Lube Shooters are basically little ABS plastic (phthalates-free) tubes that you can use to shoot lube up your butt or into your vagina. By inserting lube into yourself this way, it should actually lubricate you better and possibly require […]

Originally Posted At: True Pleasures in May 2011 Author: True Pleasure This oddly shaped hunk of silicone is Duke, Fun Factory’s latest creation for prostate stimulation. The bulb at the top is fixed in a backwards position to increase the sensation of length and fullness while the bulge presses against the prostate. Also, there’s an arm that juts out to […]